Stickman BMX Free App Reviews

92 add


I remember playing this back in 2012


Best game ever

Game is great but...

This game is awesome and fun but there are way to many adds. Usually I am fine with the adds but there ones are 30 seconds long and they wont let you skip. So kids get board such as me and go play a different game with out adds?


This game was one of my favorite games and still is along with gun bros and the skateboard edition of this game

Classic favorite

When I was young I used to play the crap out of this and it may be 2D but it doesnt have a lot of adds in new games these days with trends like whenever you die in the new games you get flooded with ads everywhere but this game gives you barely any ads and I want more updates it so guud


One the graphics sucked two the movements terrible three the face of the stickman was horrible please make a better game

Freaking rage

This game makes me rage so much I almost broke tablet because I got so raged and threw it on the wooden floor Dont get this game if you want to rage


Bien mais trop court


Mon avis!!!!


Great game, please make a stickman rollerblader, pleeeaase!!!

Cool hehe

Icepik grinds are great!


Wath the fudge c trop poche



Good game

Its a good name but it needs more levels


Oach boring game? Dont install! It is a waste of time!


Its not that good but i guess its ok

What ?

Company must have paid their employees to rate this 5*. it blows, all u do is press 2 buttons...

Doesnt obey the silent switch

Thats an immediate fail in my books.


I think this is a great game I love stick skater and I had to try this and its just like stick skater


Some people are too easy to please. You have an accelerate button and a jump button. Enjoy.

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