Stickman BMX Free

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المطور: Traction Games

Stickman BMX Free - The long awaited sequel to the smash hit game Stickman Skater is finally here! Our hero Stickson returns in the latest installment to test his skills on a street BMX bike. Do you have what it takes to survive the wide variety of terrain including forests, cities, oil refineries and the ultimate test that is living hell!

Simple to pick-up-and-play with plenty of depth to keep the avid gamer entertained for hours.

Features Include:

* Fast paced scrolling levels packed full of excitement.
* Wonderfully detailed locations with interactive obstacles and inhabitants.
* Hundreds of combinations of real BMX tricks.
* Hidden paths and routes in all levels to explore.
* Completely re-engineered physics engine.
* Gamecenter leaderboards.